Saturday, March 10, 2012

Looking for a new blog to read. Check these out.

I really enjoyed doing the interviews that were posted recently. Thanks again to those that volunteered for me. One of my questions that I put out there for all of them was to tell me their favorite blogs and I wanted to dedicate a post to give a shout out to those blogs mentioned. I admit that I haven't had time to go check them all out but figure if I can put them all in one spot then I can remember them more easily.

Jenn listed this one for adoptive Mom's blog. Go here

Another one she suggested is this one.

My second interview was with Wendy. When asked to tell me a blog about open adoption she gives me this one. Go here.

Another blog she suggested was this one. Surf over here for it.

When asked to list a blog written by birthmothers she listed this one. Go here for the first one she mentioned.

Another one she mentioned was one that is on my blogroll. Go here.

Just adding my two cents but what I find very interesting about the blog mentioned above is that she found her child's adoptive parents thru blogging and we have been able to see adoption from both sides together but on different blogs. Check out the adoptive Mom's blog here.

Another blog mentioned by Wendy was this one here.

Leah was my final blog interview that I did. I found that I was more nervous writing the questions for fear of saying something dumb cause of her adoption being international. After, I got started with it. I did feel at ease with coming up with the questions.

The blog she mentioned was a blogger that also adopted from Eithopia. You can check out this blog here.

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The Busters said...

Thanks so much for linking to my blog. I am glad I learned about your blog through Leah!