Saturday, March 3, 2012


I thought I would do a little update on how my oldest son is doing.

My husband has stepped in and taken on some parental role where his Dad was failing. After, he got suspended, he talked to the school and the principal agreed to move him over to the GED department. All we had to do was get him an ID which the school had been wanting him to get all year. So, in the middle of February, while he was suspended, my husband took him to get an state ID.

He is set up to start testing for the GED in a matter of a week or so. My husband has put his foot down and said Monday thru Thursday he has to be home by 5 30 in the evening. He gets off from school before 2 pm so this gives him time to hang with friends or even job hunt.

I have quit bothering him about getting a job. I figure the GED is our number one thing right now. We did insist on that the much needed shoes we had to buy be something that he could work in if he did get a job.

My son has been hanging around friends a lot on the weekends and for some reason it bothers me. I guess I am so afraid of him doing something stupid and getting into trouble. My husband saids that my son either has teachings to be good or bad and not much we can do about it right now.

My son continues to be a slob around the house. hehe. One day, instead of dumping his bowl of milk in the sink I put it in his dinner spot. However, my son did take it upon himself to groom up much needed dog and we told him cause he did such a great job if he did our other dog we would give him money. So, my son did his best and we paid him 30 bucks and he was able to go see a movie without Mom approving for age and was able to order pizza with his friends.

My son has been blowing his Dad (weekends) and passed up an offer to go out to eat to hang with his friends. Plus, he invited one child and not the other and that wouldn't have went over well here. My 11 year isn't stupid.

I haven't really started the idea of giving him a dollar amount for snacks to choose his own. I probably need to though. I came home from work and knew I had a 2 liter of soda. It was gone. The next day I found the empty bottle in his room. So, we took his game controller in place of the soda. When he came home with friends we called him on it and he admitted to taking it.

As a person who was a teen and did this kind of stuff I am sure. I am thinking why doesnt the kid hide the proof? haha. The whole soda thing with my oldest son is tricky because we have his brother drinking mostly water. We don't want to mess that one up.

We are having issues with my son wanting to have friends over and my husband not wanting people in our house. He doesn't want to be bothered with worrying about having people over and also the fact about trying to feed his friends. We are just not the type of people who can whip up a meal for more than we have planned. We just a few months ago starting shopping weekly instead of daily.

My son doesn't have a phone but has an IPOD and if he has internet connection then he can communicate with us. Sometimes, he will write back and other times he says he couldn't call because he hadnt had an connection. I think sometimes he thinks we are stupid or something.

Well, I got to get ready for work.

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