Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The waiting game

Alex took his two final tests for his GED. Now, we are awaiting the test results to see if he passed the two tests plus the writing test that takes longer to grade. This is such a stressful time for us. The school told him he didn't need to come in on Monday but never told us. So, he "went" to school but not really. I was there to surprise him and take him to lunch. He took the bus to school and then left with another student. Then, hung out with the same kids that he got in trouble with.

This is such a stressful time for us. I have had other stuff going on and it's probably making matters worse. We want my son to continue to go to school until we have the results but the school has put it in his head that he doesn't need to be there.

I don't feel like this school is giving him the same treatment that I received as a student there many years ago.

My son has a job offer or so he says but he is playing the how will I get there cards ect. He wants to be a kid but at the same time take control of his life.

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