Tuesday, June 21, 2011


On Monday night, I started my 6th teen week session volunteering for MELD. My little sister came back and so did this other girl that started about the same time as my sister.

For my new readers that don't know what MELD is it's an non for profit organization that provides support for young Mom's and Dad's and their children. It's mostly for the Mom's and the children though. They provide temporary shelter and help them reach their goals with education, work and support as in diapers and other baby items. They provide parenting classes and that is where I and many other volunteers come into the picture. We babysit the children while the Mom's are in class.

Last night, we had six children. Three were under one year of age. One of them was only two months old. The other two were crawlers but there is no way we could actually let them do that.

The 4 and 5 year old just run wild. The child that is 2 1/2 will play with legos or something on his own but only for a little while. Even with the three of us we just can't get control of the older ones. They throw toys and run around wild and that is why we can't put the babies down. We use time out and toward the end of the last session it was kind of improving. Last night, the oldest child got physical and really mouthy when he was put in time out.

I don't really understand what they are teaching these Mom's. How can the Mom's of the older children be in class with the new Mom's? It would seem like it's not doing one of them any good. The ages are so different and no way can they meet both needs. I do understand that it's non for profit and it might not be possible to run groups for the Mom's with different age ranges. Plus, they would need more volunteers.

The lady that runs the Mom's group can be a real hard ass and I mean that in a good way. However, it's hard to really be firm and raise voices when your holding a young baby. I am hoping that we can get back some of the control of the children and make it a pleasurable experience for all. I also want it to be a learning experience for the children. I know they are not there to be taught but life is a classroom and if we can teach through play then that makes what me and all the volunteers do worth even more.

I think the daycare environment for the older children just doesn't suit them. I think it becomes boring for them and to make it exciting they have to climb, throw toys and run wild through the room. I love it when they calm down and do puzzles,look at books or color. I try real hard to give all the kids attention even if I have a baby in my hands. I had my favorite little boy in my arms. He is a little black baby and last night a new baby about two months came in and she was the second white baby I have ever seen on my night. I wrote before on race and how all black children did kind of make me do a double take and has made me think more about being aware of how I treat black people in general. I admit, I am not blind. I did see the color difference but I didn't set my favorite baby down to get my hands on the new baby who happened to be white. Not that I wouldn't have wanted to cuddle with a new baby, but I know my favorite baby favors me over the other girls. Maybe, it's because I am the best. Just kidding. But I have been there longer and I am the only Mom and I think even babies can sense an experienced Mom compared to none that has only babysat for family or friends.

Oh, I mentioned about the new readers, introduce yourself so I can stalk your blog if you write one.

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