Saturday, June 4, 2011

My last post, I mentioned that my husband, my son and myself were on the online version of the newspaper. Today, we were on the front page of the newspaper! It's kind of shocking. I keep looking at it and wondering how come out of a whole school they captured my moment of weakness and printed it. It's such a sweet moment in time though. It wasn't planned out. I hugged my husband because I needed someone to cry on and then my son came up and hugged the both of us.

The reporter asked my husband's name and if my son was his son. He said, yes and gave our last name which is a little different because we both carry my sons last name and also my second husband's last name. They put down the wrong last name for my son and called my husband and I his parents. My ex husband who was celebration went nuts! He was pissed about the name screw up and the parent remark. I think he was really jealous because another man is raising his child while he stays in the background most of the time. He can't accept responsbility for his actions and it's all everyone elses fault.

Oh well, it was our moment in time to shine.

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Pam said...

That is cool that your picture was on the front page. Your husband is your sons dad. It's great that your son has 2 dads that care about him.