Monday, June 27, 2011

Anne of Green Gables

A couple weeks ago, I was at work and on PBS they were trying to raise donations by offering the books and dvd's of Anne of Green Gables by L.M. Montgomery. They would only show clips of the show and I was interested and my client said she had read the books and watched the movie. I had never heard of it before but I jumped at the chance to try to engage my client in a movie that I knew she would like.
I had my husband see if our local library had any of the collection. He brought me home a dvd and a book. When I was seeing the little clips I didn't quite understand how Anne came to be Ann of Green Gables. I could tell that most likely she wasn't Marilla's and Matthew's child by birth, but how she got there wasn't known to me until I got the movie and started reading the book.

Of course, I watched the movie with my client but I read the book on my own. It was interesting to see adoption played out way back when. When I read, they wanted a boy to help on the farm. I was shocked. They want to adopt to get an helping hand!! I actually said it aloud and my husband said that is what they did back then.

It was interesting to read that I didn't hear about Marilla and Matthew didn't jump through hoops to adopt. Or, was any money mentioned. It was almost as simple as ordering a child. I don't mean to suggest that this is the correct way to go about adopting an older child. Not that I think a child sitting in an orphanage or foster home for years is the correct way either. I like to read about adoption but I didn't seek this movie or book out because of adoption.

Like I mentioned Anne was brought to Green Gables and was suppose to be a boy but they decided to keep her. They had wanted a boy to help with the farm.

It was such a sweet story. Anne was a handful but she grew up and was really loved by her parents. I notice how she called Marilla and Matthew by their names. She learned some great lessons along the years she was with them as a child.

When Matthew was beginning to really be ill Anne says I wish I was a boy so you didn't have to work so hard. He said something to the point of not wanting anyone besides Anne.

I liked how Marilla would say doesn't Anne of Green Gables sound better than Anne from no where in particular?

It was a such a sweet story and I am very happy that it came across the tv screen to entice me to learn more about this story.

P. S. That is Ann with an E not just plain old Ann!


Jenn said...

Its sad that there are people out there who still adopt for extra help around the house, but say they are doing it to add to their family. It's also interesting that Anne's name wasn't changed and in the books anyway she goes back and sees the house where she lived with her parents. So there are no closed records to deal with. It's interesting.

I personally love this book/movie series. It's my rainy day movie and I reread the books all the time. There are eight books and some of them are better than others, but I highly recommend reading them!

birthmothertalks said...

Thanks Jen for the suggestions of the other books. Is their an order that they should be read in?

Jenn said...

I know they go in order, but I can't remember what the order is... I think Anne of Green Gables is the first one.

April said...

I read a book once about the orphan trains. Interesting topic. It's one of those things that gets left out of the history books.