Thursday, June 2, 2011

My youngest son school put on a fifth grade celebration. Basically, a graduation and also a farewell to the school because cuts were made and it's being closed down after this final year. The newspaper was there and snapped a picture as I was hugging my husband and my son.

Go to and see if you can find the story.

I wasn't crying so much because it's closing but crying and terribly sad and tears were flowing because my son is growing up. I want to go back time and not have this time in grade school be over with. A very intimate moment was caught on film.

The really interesting part is that I haven't allowed myself to cry around my husband. I don't know if I let my guard down and trust him more or I just couldn't help crying.

Lately, when I tell my husband something about Izzy he has the most sweetest response. If the situation is good or bad mostly like he says something like You mean just like her Mom. He always calls me her Mom. I know that she will probably never call me Mom but to have him use it as showing that we are connected as Mother and daughter it's just amazing and heart warming.

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