Tuesday, June 7, 2011

I have some concerns about this neighbor of my son and ex husband. I believe she lives next door and I think she had too much interest in kids. I know somethings because of facebook and I don't know if facebook is making it easier for them to be closer than most neighbors are.

She has taken both my sons places. One example, was to go color Easter eggs and one was she took my youngest son to the beach. She has given things to my oldest son like an air conditioner and when he is posting how he is thirsty she is coming to the rescue with come over and get a pop.

I believe my ex husband has sent my son to beg for rides and had him run to say Walmart to get stuff and when their electric was shut off for a day or two, I learned from FB that my son stayed with her. I know she has kids but I don't remember if it's one or two. When I tried to take her daughter to a dinner because it was my son's birthday she never called me when asked to.

My current husband thinks it's fishy too. Are we being judgmental because we don't trust my ex husband's parenting skills? Does this person just really like kids and is generous and doesn't mind giving things away?

Am I being a nut and thinking too much? I like children and I give things away too. Am I weird too? I know I am not weird. Maybe, I feel it's different because I feel like she is singling out my kid compared to when I volunteer I am giving my services to many children and not running to anyone's aid for this and that.


Leah said...

Worrying about your kids will never make you weird. Any time adults single out children, I think it's worth looking into. Children are unfortunately so vulnerable and easy to take advantage of, and unfortunately, some adults do take advantage of that. I hope it's nothing, but if your intuition is telling you otherwise, than I would look into it.

Pam said...

I think you should get to know her. Most likely she is just being nice and is just another caring mom. I would tell her thank you for keeping an eye on my sons while they are at there dads.

I also think you could talk to your sons about stranger danger or just a review of polite boundries/behavior.

I am what I think is normal and I think we are all weird too! But more important is I try to be nice and I would help a neighbor kid.