Thursday, June 30, 2011

Sad story

I been doing a lot of reading that pulls at my heart strings but so far hadn't had any tears over the books that I have been reading.

Tonight, I was at work and we were watching unsolved Mysteries on lifetime and they showed a story about a women who had just had a baby and was looking through the window to the nursery and a lady asked her which baby was hers and she agrreed that the new Mom had the prettiest baby.

Well, when the woman walked out of the hospital with her sisters the woman held them at gunpoint and made them walk a few blocks with the baby. She stole the baby from her and sped off in a getaway car with help.

At the beginning of the story, they showed a cake with the name Marlana and said they celebrated her birthday but it was sad time for them. The, they showed the scene of how the baby was taken.

They went on to do an age progression to show how she would look like as a young adult. I held back the tears until the Mom said she just can't accept that she will die without ever seeing her baby. It makes me sad to think of this Mom never seeing her baby.

Her experience isn't the same as a birthmother who chooses adoption or one that even gets pushed, shoved or forced into adoption because this women never did give up her right to her daughter. I notice when she referred to the child she called her (her baby) Even though she is grown now if still living. I think until reunion that birthmother's have a hard time really understanding that time didn't stop and the baby isn't a baby but grew up.

I didn't catch the year of birth of the baby but I suspect it's been quite a while ago. They suspect that the baby was taken by some women who couldn't have kids and wasn't right in her mind. No offense to anyone who can't have children or am I suggesting that women who can't have children would all resort to this. They also suggested it could have been a black market kidnapping for an illegal adoption.

Whatever the reasons that brought that women to kidnap a 3 day of baby it's such a sad story. I hope the child is safe and someday learns the truth and can be reunited with her Mom and other family members.


Myst said...

"Her experience isn't the same as a birthmother who chooses adoption"
- totally agree, because they have made a choice.

"or one that even gets pushed, shoved or forced into adoption"
-totally disagree because in some instances the mother doesn't give up her rights either but they are taken from her. The experience can be very much the same. It appears adoption makes the stealing of a person's child okay but it isn't any different from a kidnapping that has just been legalised and it happens on a regular basis.

Very sad story and I hope this child is one day reunited with her mother and family. Absolute nightmare for those involved.

Anonymous said...

Oh wow! I cannot imagine what that woman has gone through!! Sad!

birthmothertalks said...

Myst, I suppose you are right in some situations where there was more force than choice it would be very close to the same as adoption. I think the situation where someone takes your baby by force with a gun is worse though in the thoughts of this person isn't in their right mind and who knows what they will do that baby or child if she was able to grow up. I know good parents isn't a guarantee even with the most ethical adoptions too. It's really is such a sad story.

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