Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The last couple of days

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A couple posts down, I blogged about the frustration of feeling like my oldest son was avoiding coming to our house. Even though, it was already agreed upon that he would get dropped off at 11:30 on Sunday and that he would stay a couple days. My son is telling me that he has plans with his friends through the church and really wants to go. I don't mind being flexible but we had plans and I wanted to spend the day with both sons and my husband and grand daughter. My son then asked if he could just go to the dinner at seven and I agreed but basically he could do that.

Sunday, we went on a trolley ride and had a pretty good time. We were able to take a ride downtown and enjoy learning some interesting facts about how the Park District got started and about some of the local business that used to be in the area. We were given a break off the trolley to look around at the hundreds of rose bushes and the three of us posed for a picture.

After, the trolley ride, I dropped my husband and granddaughter off at home and we went to the local pool. I love swimming. My only complaint is that Alex is very physical and wants or needs constant interaction. He can tend to be rough. It's quite different with Stephen we can be near each other without always talking on being physical. But there are times where he too gets really too close for comfort in the pool and that can result in being stepped, sat on or being bumped.

On Monday, I took both boys with me to MELD. Alex didn't really want to go but knew that I wanted him too. I bought some play duh to try to get the kids to sit and do something compared to running around and being rough. We had six kids in total. We had one baby that slept the whole time in bed. We had only one of the older children and a couple other small babies. One of them puked down my sister''s shirt. That was way too funny! There was this little girl that been there quite often before but hasn't been there too much lately. It seemed like every baby held their poop until they came seen us. The play doh really helped and I admit it even helped my youngest son behave better. My boys tend to add a little bit to the boy energy and that's not always a good thing. It was a nice experience to have both my kids with me. I think it's important that they see volunteering options and also like my husband said hopefully it will be good birth control for my 16 year old son.

Tuesday morning, Alex took me to see a movie with his own money from a little part time job he has. It was the first time that he took me out with money that he has earned. We watched Hungover 2 and it wasn't probably the most appropriate to watch with my son.

Tuesday, was my 4 year anniversary since we bought out house!!! It was a cause to celebrate! It was even more so because we did get behind and have recently had our home loan modified to lower the interest rate and to forgive all the late fees.

We had a cookout with hamburgers, hot dogs and some yummy fruit and potato salad. We kind threw it all together with last minute plans and had a pretty good turn out. My Dad, my sister, my brother, my step daughter and husband and baby. We even invited my husband's ex wife and my ex husband and his new girlfriend and they actually showed. My ex husband checked out the kids bedroom for the first time even though he has been offered. Just for the record, I invited my Mom because I felt how she might feel bad if she wasn't asked when others were. She had told me she had already ate.

I can't quite put my finger on it but I still don't like this new girlfriend. She talks too much. My little sister didn't like her either. However, I think it's good that he has someone because well that would be two paychecks instead of just one person supporting the household.

Today, my little son and I went back to the pool and we had a good time. I noticed that he actually is dancing to the music. It's so cute!

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