Sunday, June 12, 2011

I don't want to get into too many details but my daughter and I communicated through our normal way about the cookout and she didn't think it was be as weird as I made it out to be but said she would rather meet my Dad at one of our normal outings. She said, she hoped we wouldn't take it personal.

I really didn't take it personal. I am relieved that I don't have to face that day. It just would have been too hard on me.

Off the subject of my daughter and adoption.

I have been really stressed out lately. It seems like every since my ex husband girlfriend started to live with him that I can't help but find reasons not to like her.

I want to have an open mind but she keeps giving me reasons to dislike her. I want her to be a good thing in my son's life because who couldn't use another person watching out for them, right?

But why do I keep getting really ticked off?

She has gotten in the middle of my conversations with my ex husband and seems to think that if I tell my ex no to something that if she talks to me then I will say yes. I refused to let my 11 year old stay up all night at a church lock in. I think an 11 year needs to sleep and he hasn't gotten the habit of sleeping in yet. Also, if he was to sleep, who is going to watch over him like I do? My son sleep walks. She says, I was hoping to spend time with him.

Tonight, I call my oldest son. He calls me back and as I talk to him. I can hear her talking in the background to me. Example, I ask my son what he is doing? He says, I am playing the Xbox and talking to (blank)... then I hear her say (her son) is playing on the Ipod. Well, I didn't ask what her son was doing. I could hear her off and on throughout the conversation as if she was part of our conversation. If I wanted to talk to her, I would have called her.

Is it me? I don't know if it's a jealousy thing because someone else is around my kids or if she is just getting on my nerves.

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