Monday, March 1, 2010

Birthmom's talking to students questions

Recently, I have came across quite a few birthmom's who are new to this journey of life compared to where I am. I am a birthmom from the 90's and a victim to the 90's. I hate to say that these birthmom's are luckier than I was because I don't want to diminish someone's loss of parenting their child. So, I won't say luckier or that they don't feel pain, because that would be doing them an injustice. But I will say that, as of right now, most of them are on a much different path that I was on. Again, victim of the 90's here.
With all that being said, I will get to my point of this post. I see that quite a few of these birthmom's are speaking in the middle and high school's to students. So, I want to learn more about this experience. So here are a few questions for today's birthmom's.

How did you decide to speak to middle and high school students?
Is there a certain group of kids in the schools that you are speaking to or aim to reach?
Besides, sharing your story, what is your main point in your story?
Are you talking about saving yourself until marriage? Birth control?
How do you balance sharing your story about open adoption without making it as something teens should do, because adoption is a blessing?
What do you hope to gain by talking to the students?
Do you find speaking to the students as a form of therapy?

I really enjoy reading the birthmom's blogs of today. I am happy to see a lot of open adoptions so thanks for blogging.

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StefanieJinelle said...

I wrote a post of when I spoke at a high school.

I wanted to go to schools and do presentations because if I honestly would've heard someone's adoption story, I would've thought twice about using protection or something like that. I would do everything in my power not to have a baby before I was ready.
Mostly high school students, because I know about having a "steady boyfriend/girlfriend" in high school you do get caught up in having sex. And I wanted to aim that not every girl is a slut when they get pregnant.
I do talk to students as a form of therapy. It may only be a class of 30 but you feel like you have made a difference. It may not stop them from having sex or it may make them think about not doing it. I tell them that there is no such thing as birth control. I was on it when I got pregnant. There is not a 100% way not to get pregnant unless you are abstaining from sex.
I try to share all the crap that's happened while being pregnant- that it's not all rainbows and butterflies and when you have a baby you're magically financially stable and have a significant lover that will always be there for you. That having an open adoption even though has broken my heart, has helped me heal.
I hope that answers your questions a little bit :)