Sunday, March 14, 2010

I was thinking about a comment I made in regard to the person who has a sister who is a birthmom and I might have made my sisters look bad. It wasn't my attention to imply that they personally ever told me to shut up. However, they choose not to bring it up. In fact, my brother and little sister knew for years and I didn't know that my secret was out. The shut up comment is just a general feeling, I get because of how I was treated when I was younger. The only person, in real life, that I try to talk to about adoption and he is the one that thinks that I should just shut up. I tend to just not talk to anyone in my family about adoption or my daughter.
My husband isn't all bad, but right now the bad stuff is above the good stuff. I am guilty about tending to blog about what makes me mad and hurt than the good points in our lives.

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