Sunday, March 28, 2010

Online news story

My husband sent me an online news story. It's another option to adoption. Go here to read the first part of the story.

Then, to see the second chapter, of this story, go hereI don't know if we missed the end of the story,but this is another way to keep Mom's and babies together. I don't know all the answers but it's worth reading. I just wished I knew what the end result was.

To learn more about this program that they are talking about go here

I have to give my husband credit for showing me this story.

Thank you April for giving me the link to the third part of this story. To read it. Go here.

It talks a lot of about poverty. I know there are different levels of poverty, but I don't see it meaning that people can't parent through it. My first husband and I didn't do well when we had our son's. We just didn't make enough money, but we made it. I still don't have a lot of money. We made do. Sometimes, we even dodge the disconnection notices. Thank you tax refund. We are clear of all bills. Even though, I don't have always have a lot of money. Their needs are taken care of and some of their wants. I take advantage of free or low cost programs for example. Free summer day camp. The truth is that not every one can sit pretty, but being broke doesn't always have to mean adoption. The best part of newborns is that they are not going to know if they didn't have designer clothes or if you got their crib at a second hand shop.

I just would hate to think that anyone places their child based on income alone. I am sure their are other factors people choose. Well, anyways, the story is worth reading. One day at a time and one family at a time.


April said...

Here's the link to the third part of the story:

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