Wednesday, March 3, 2010

We bought our house three years ago this summer. I wanted to give my son's a sense of belonging to a neighborhood. I didn't want them to grow up and say I remember when I lived here and there and over there. I wanted them to have a place that really felt like home. That is something that I lost after the 4Th grade.
My husband quickly met a neighbor who moved in with Grandma who had to small girls. The oldest girl was the same age as my youngest son. He offered for us to make sure she got on the bus. Also, this little girl, would come over to play and my son would play at their house. It was sweet. My son is a little slower and I liked to believe that she watched out for him and would remind him to grab his book bag.
It wasn't easy having this little girl around, because I don't always handle them well. You could say that I am scared of them. I am scared of getting close.
This school year, it's been primary me the one that has been dealing with her. I have gotten used to her and really like her. Yesterday, her family moved away. I am a little sad. I am sad for my son and for myself. I got to enjoy her being around and now she is gone. She will still be in the same class and I hope we can continue to have a relationship with this little girl.

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