Friday, March 12, 2010


My followers have really grown. It's really cool. Back in Feb. I wanted to hit 50 and now over 70. It's very cool that so many people like what they see to follow my blog.
I know that I have a lot of adoptive parents and I believe a lot of parents waiting to adopt and birthom's and adoptees who read my blog.
However, my question is to those that are not part of the adoption triangle. Why do you choose to read a blog about adoption? More important so, why do you choose to read a birthmom's blog who may not always be writing about how great life is. I think sometimes, people tend to enjoy reading the happy stories and don't tend to want to know the bad stuff. But here you all are and I am just wondering the why of reading my blog?
Don't get me wrong though. I love that your all reading and I love the comments. When I started blogging, I did it because I needed to write and I still write, because that I need to. But it's nice that I have people that read along.


Leah said...

Well, I'm attached to adoption so that's of course a big reason I read. I love hearing all perspectives on issues. I think we can gain so much more knowing every angle. I love your angle. It's real and honest.

lamelongmonter said...

For me personally, my sister is a birthmom and i'm always interested to hear how she could possibly be feeling, she doesn't discuss openly with anyone those feeling besides maybe her counselor... plus i think all sides of adoption are so compelling to learn about and for people to understand the good, bad, and the "ugly" sides. Perspective and understanding are important to everyone.

birthmothertalks said...

To Lamelonmonter Do you try to talk to your sister about adoption? I was told as a young girl to just shut up and get over it, so talking isn't easy unless I feel comfortable.

Michelle said...

i read for a few reasons. in no particular order: one, i have adopted family. two, i am close to a firstmom. three, if God heals me & saves my life, i hope to adopt one day.

about that third reason... if i do adopt, i want it to be a fully open adoption. i want to know ahead of time what is right & wrong as far as words & actions. what would make things better, what would make them worse. i would want to be as close to the perfect adoptive parent in relation to the firstparents as possible. i'd want to treat them as the parent they are, not simply the vessel used to bring a child to my life. so i like seeing blogs like this, they help me understand.