Sunday, February 28, 2010

In the past year, I started collecting dolls. I just added two more to my collection. They are expensive but not too expensive that I would not get one for a child. For a girl. But I was never able to buy dolls for girls, because I lost my girl. I have two greats sons, but they don't play with dolls. My youngest son who is nine will play along with me sometimes and I think he gets a kick out of them. But he isn't asking to play with them. Ha!
So, now I have five dolls in my collection. I have three girl dolls and two boy dolls. They all have dark hair except the red headed doll. I have little doll furniture and I supply of clothes to change their clothes. My husband is pretty supportive of my doll collection. He actually buys the furniture and some of the clothes for them.
I guess you could call it a coping method. It has given me a little fun in dressing little girls. It's fun to find some cute pink outfit and buy it. This time of year, coming up, can be hard on me. I will never forget, last year, I was in such a deep level of dreaming, while at walmart, that I was looking at little Easter dresses. It was about toddler size. I had to tell myself, you don't have a daughter. There wasn't a need to choose which dress to buy.
I guess in a silly way, I get to buy things for girls now. It's only doll girls and I wish I had the real thing.

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