Sunday, July 28, 2013

Today, my husband and I split the time we watched our grand daughter. We did it due to his new job overlapping the times where my step daughter won't need a babysitter anymore. He did the 5 am stuff and I got up at my normal 8 am and took my son and granddaughter to the church with me where I babysit as a part time job.

We made a day of Nana being in charge. That is something that rarely happens so it was nice to get out and do fun things. After babysitting, we went on a trolley ride and it was fun. I have been on it before and it's becoming one of our summer tradations.

A few more shots just cause I love sharing.

One more of all three of us.

After the trolley ride I had my husband drop us off at DQ and the three of us had lunch and then my grand daughter's parents picked her up and gave us a ride home.

It was a fun day. I even enjoyed staying home without the car. I did a little much needed cleaning and even cooked my husband dinner so he could eat when he comes in soon.

I was bvery excited not to have to work today so it's official I have my weekend back!!

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