Sunday, July 14, 2013

My husband

My first post to brag about my husband is that he jumped at a very good chance to get a job once it was brought up for him that it was possible.

My sister and her bf are moving in a few weeks and he works for a gas station that is owned by a guy that only hires one person to work to give him some time off.

My husband had an interview yesterday and got the job!!

The truth is that he won't be watching our grand daughter after a couple more weeks due to her parents deciding to do split shifts to avoid paying for a babysitter.. I been scrambling trying to figure out how I could earn more and more money and it wasn't working so far. I admit that I have an garnishment agaisnt me from way back when I lost a lot of income by my clients going into a retirement home. My working more has actually in some sense made my checks smaller cause it pushed me right over the edge where they garnish it.

The hours are almost perfect!!! He will work at least 23 hours between Saturday and Sunday and possible other nights if the owner wants time off to do something with his family. He will earn more money in the 23 hours once a week than he did watching our grand daughter.

I wish we all lived in this fairy tail world and could keep watching our grand daughter and make it on the amount that they thought was fair and could afford to pay him. It's been such a nice thing having her around and watching her grow and I know things won't quite be the same without her. Although, we have been living with the fear that Mom might quit her job or the shifts change all the time so it might be nice to just accept it for what it is and move in. She of course will always be our grand daughter.. just this part of being involved in her life at this level is ending.

I am so proud how my husband handled jumping on the chance to interveiw this job and taking it. He hasnt had a job outside of the home in over 2 years and I know it's a big change but I think he is ready for it.

It's going to take some getting used to. We will be needing a babysitter ourselves every other weekend when Stephen isn't with his Dad. I will be putting in an request to take my Sunday's back so I won't be missing my two day weekend. I think it will be nice to have sometime with my son without my husband home. Just hope my job accepts the hour change request form.

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