Thursday, July 11, 2013

How to divide chores

At the moment, my husband is a stay at home Dad who is employed babysitting our granddaughter for what I consider a low paying job but that seems to be the thing for babysitting.. but that's not my point. The stay at home thing will probably be changing soon.

Well, anyways, I work 35 hours a week plus my babysitting at the church. With the last few weeks, I have increased my hours so I actually only have Monday off now. So in total I am probably working slightly over 40. I happen to get downtime where I might be waiting anywhere from 45 minutes to up to over an hour for a shift to start where I am not paid. This could happen a couple times a week. I try to make good use of the time for myself like walking but with the heat it might cause a problem since it wouldn't be good to go to my next shift sweating.

Lately, I been feeling jealous of how clean all my clients place is.. Mostly the one that lives in her home and as 24/7 a week care. I do get there is a difference between 3 people living at my place, two dogs, one cat and two bunnies.. where my client has one person that lives there.. one could say it's two if you count the fact that there is always a caregiver in the house. She does have a dog.. The dog gets regular hair cuts because money isn't an issue for her. She can afford the 50 bucks or so every 6 weeks for his haircut.

I even get that my client is paying big bucks and we keep the house up because it's part of our job. The 3rd shift caregiver doesn't typically do any cleaning since the client is sleeping. I understand that my company is holding us (caregivers) to a higher standard and they expect it to be kept in tip top shape.

I guess what I am getting at is that I am tired of how place looking so messy. I know that I should probably start doing a litle more than what I do currently. Especially the little things that bug me that might not bug him.

I just think if a few more hours per week were put into cleaning the house that it could look much better. At my clients house we do clean up the kitchen after each meal and it's expected to be mopped twice a week and laundry down twice a week ect.. I don't believe the amount of hours cleaning it more than an hour or two per shift because it's kept up.

My husband sort of talked to my little sister about doing some deep cleaning and paying for her do it since he isn't good at it.. I thought about it and I would just find it weird so I don't want to do that.. I even thought about hiring someone to do it but the reality is that we can't afford it.

I know our situation is a little backwards where I am the primary bread winner in my household. I even admit that I am the first to think that he should mow the lawn or fix the car cause he is "the man" I mean no offence by putting it that way.. But

My husband stays home with my 13 year old son and our 3 year old grand daughter. I don't doubt that he does a good job taking care of them. I know that spending time with the children especially the 3 year old who says "watch me Papa" to a certain extent comes first and dust and dishes can wait.

Maybe, it's even possible that I don't realize the amount of work he does do and I would notice if he went away for a few days.

So how do you all divide the chores? If one person works full time how many hours per week of household chores for example should they do? Or maybe a certain chore that they do?

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Anonymous said...

Your husband should clean the house. You are working all the hours under the sun. It's strange how he was so negative about your son yet he is the one not willing to take responsibility for supporting the family. He let's you be the man in the family. I've always been so sad to read how your son is treated and sometimes fear I will see a post telling us that he took his own life. Please give him more love, don't let your husband get between you and your oldest son.

birthmothertalks said...

Hi. Your comment seems off topic. This had nothing to do with my oldest son. We both were harsh and probably jerks tryingt to push my son to do right and go to school or get a job. We didn't want him to move but we both admit that there's been less stress without him.. Part of that is not hearing my husband bitch about my son.. I admit as his Mom that I have/ had more tolerance for him.
My husband and I have been happy with the way the things are with him staying home and me working. I don't want to stay home. I find it very boring. However, I don't want to work 6 days a week and it's partially the fault of my children's father for not finding summer work. We did our best to make ends meet with what my husband gets paid and it's not working.. When asked for more money for babysitting it has backfired and leading to most likely him not having the babysitting too much longer.. We are exploring our options. Just a quick update on my son. As of right now he doesn't have a job and he has been gone 3 months.. We are all going to see him Sunday so even without a job we all still love him. And I agree until things are changed with my husband home he should be doing the majority of keeping the house up.

kathy said...

I am the stay at homer. I do MOST of the stuff needed done. He sometimes mows & weedeats if he feels like it. When I hang clothes outside, He sometimes helps hang or pull them down & put away.
He stripps the bed every week and remakes it. He makes the bed daily since he gets up last. When our Grandson was here he had dishwasher loading and unloading and table setting. Just before he moved away at 11 I had taught him how to mow and weed eat. My hubby and I both mowed since before 11 years old. Stay at homers should be doing more than playing. There's plenty of stuff I don't like doing...But I still do it that is my contribution. I am blessed to be able to stay at home so I try to make it as nice as I can for him,