Thursday, July 18, 2013

Do you fries with that??

Alex got a job!! I am so excited for him!! I am very relieved that he will start being able to take care of himsef.

Did you guess that his job is McDon@ld's? It was my first job and his father's first job. When Alex had the job at the grocery store.. I thought how he lucked out and escaped the fast food place as being his first job.

When I talked to him yesterday he did mention some hunting for jobs and even admitted soms perstering for jobs.. Did some of our earlier talks of telling him to keep on showing your face pay off?

I think it's amazing that my husband and my son both got a job within a 7 day period.. Part of me wonders why this couldn't have happened with Alex living at home but maybe it took Alex not living at home to actually make him come to terms with needing a job and looking for one and following up.

Now if I could just my son's father to get a job so he will pay child support. He is offically getting further behind since the last payment was short.

Well anyways,I am very happy for my son. I think this will do him a world of good. Give him some peace of mind just for the fact that he has some money in his pocket and improve his self esteem.

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