Sunday, July 21, 2013

What to do

My Dad might be moving into his wife's father's place so they can help take care of the old man who needs 24/7 care but can't afford it. Ironic that I work for a company and no one in my family can afford it.

My problem is that my Dad has asked me to take one of their dogs. The other one is old and is beyond needing to be put to sleep. This isn't a small dog. It's a Rot!! I belive she is older but much bigger than my lab.

We been getting used to only having two dogs and liking it.

My Dad is willing to pay all the costs of the dog but that's not our issue.

It's the issue of the extra time to care for another dog.

The issue on the size of her.

The issue of the fact that my lab doesn't want to share me and has been known to want to fight if she is jealous. I love my lab so much. She is my favorite dog even with her faults of being jealous.

I would be so upset if anything fatal happened to any dog due to her.. It doesn't help that Dad's dog is bigger than her..

At her her house she isn't the dominant one so maybe she would settle into allowing Ann (lab) to be the leader of the pack.

I feel like I am being left to decide on the fate of the dog. If we don't take her she will most likely go to the pound.

My Dad believes the Rot is 8 years old so it wouldn't be a long time right? I know that sounds horrible!!

What would you all do?? Would you take on his Dog for the sake of maybe saving it's life or go with your fears and comfort level and stick with the two dogs?

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