Saturday, August 3, 2013

bits here and there

I haven't wrote in almost a week. I have been sort of busy. My sister is moving away next week so we have been spending a lot of time together. We took a walk that ended up taking a tour of the motel that we used to live in shortly before my daughter was born.. That was huge for me to be back! I will try to blog on that later.
My husband is starting his last weekend of training for the job that my sister's bf held for the past few years. We are hoping that this will work.

I am still working out but it's not quite as much. I am at 73 lbs down. I am eager to see 75lbs!!

As far as I know Alex is doing well with his job.

My ex has admitted to working and said he would try to send payment depending on the size of his check. So we will see if he actually sends payment on his own.

Stephen has stayed pretty busy this summer. My only regret is that we haven't pushed any reading. I know we should but that's the honest truth that we haven't gone it. We have focased more on getting outside and being active.

On Monday my sister, myself and my Mom are going on our road trip. Hope we have an nice time. I am looking forward to getting out without kids. Actually speaking of kids my husband is offically done babysitting our granddaughter now. I hope the new change works out for all involved. I will miss the daily chats and fun stuff we did together. But I am sure Nana will make time to see her.

Hope everyone is having a fun summer!! My other regret is that I don't get summers off like the kids!!

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