Sunday, July 14, 2013

visit with Alex

My husband, Stephen and myself went to see Alex today. It's a little bit of a drive but not much. I have been there about 3 or 4 times since he moved in April but this is the first time my husband has been and this is the first time that we hung out in Alex's area.

We had plans to come on Saturday but with the job interview it just wouldn't work. So we decided to come on Sunday. It wasn't the perfect timing since I had to work until almost 3 pm but we went anyways. I had thought about a picnic or a cookout.. but he didn't know anywhere with grills and I am all sandwiched out so we decided that I wouldn't bring food.

We did stop at an ice cream stand and had some yummy twist cones. It's always a tradition of mine to go to a certain place but I haven't been there yet this summer. but this was the same kind of style of ice cream shop. I love that they are still around.

I wanted to go to a park and was shocked that Alex doesn't seem famliar with the area yet.. Maybe it's cause he isn't driving and does most of his getting around on bikes. We stopped at one place and I didn't really feel like it was the place I had seen and been wanting to go to so we explored another park but not before I got a couple pictures.

Is it me or does Alex look too thin? Is my perception off?

I like this shot.

We got to the other park and it was right on the river. I sat on a boat dock and enjoyed putting my feet in the river. Stephen did the same thing but Alex didn't. He never was too much the type to wear shorts or flip flops so not dressed for dipping feet in water.

I then went exploring the park more. I was hoping to see grills so maybe another time I could cook out there but I didn't see any.

I did find a place where you could rent paddle boats or bikes. It was a really good price cause it was full of alge. It was a 2 person boat or 4 person boat and it seemed like my husband and Alex didn't want to go.. so Stephen and I did go for 30 minutes and we sucked at steering the darn thing.

After getting home my husband said that since I came to see Alex that I should have gone on the boat with Alex and not Stephen. I didn't get the impression that Alex wanted to go.. my husband thinks Alex stayed back cause he knows his brother would have pitched a fit. If Alex had wanted to go I would have psid for a second trip cause it was only 2.50

All and All it was a nice visit. I think I might be able to take this trip on my own. I hope to be able to go within a couple weeks while the trip is still fresh in my mind.

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