Thursday, July 4, 2013

day trip

The readers that have been following my blog for a long time know what I don't have the best relationship with my Mom. We just don't see each other much and neither one of us has really worked too hard at having one. I think I have tried more than her and so I had given up on having one. The only thing keeping us in contact at all has been other family members. This half of year I have seen my Mom more times than I normally do in at least a whole year.

It was at my sister's graduation in May that my Mom said that my sister wanted to go to Great American before she leaves town and would I want to go too and she would pay my way. I said, yea and Stephen would love to go too. I didn't know if she would pay for him or not but I couldn't run off to Great America and leave him home.

I am not at all into roller costers and scary rides. I was talked into a couple rides but there were some that I just wouldn't get on. I refused to get on a wood roller coaster. Wood rots!! That was my excuse. I screamed the whole time and felt like I needed to hold on or I would fall out. haha

I can't say that I love roller coasters but glad that I can actually say that I went on a couple of them.

It was fun to see my Mom in such a casual way of having fun at amusement park. It's a side of each other that we have never seen in my adult years. My Mom paid for everything! It was nice not to have the burden of the costs of the day on me.

I don't know where we will go from here. If we will continue to see each other on somewhat of a regular basis or if we will fall back into old patterns of ignoring each other. I did email her and thank her again for the trip and said how much fun we had.

I guess only time will tell.... I can't say if I would want to be along with her or not. It's just so complicated. My sister moves at the end of next month and she is one of the people that has held our family together. She is also the person my Dad and brother rely on way too much.

I hope no one expects me to jump in and take her place.

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