Friday, July 19, 2013

My Mom

My relationship with my Mother has always been on the rocks. I feel like because we have seen quite a bit of each there is a chance that we are at a turning point where we can make the effort and start having some sort of relationship or when my sister moves away there is also the chance that things will slip back into old patterns and I won't see her again until the holidays and that's not a for sure thing since my sister is moving away so not sure what will be happening with the holidays.

There is a part of me that wants to work things out with her but feels like their is an elephant in the room with us. I am not sure that can ever go away. I am not ready to really open up my heart and trust her with the details about Izzy and reunion. So any relationship I have with her will be at a distance.

We all did have a nice time when my sister, my mom, my son and myself went to Six flags and all that.

My sister and I had planned a road trip to a tourist town a couple hours from us and she asked me if she thought she should invite our Mom. She said Mom had mentioned liking to go so would I want to invite her or go just the two of us.

I said to invite her so I believe she is wanting to go. I was pretty honest when I said I didn't care one way or another if she went or not.

I didn't have the heart to tell my sister no to bringing our Mom.

My Mom's birthday was just a few days ago and I did write her an email telling her Happy birthday and told her what we had been up to during the weekend.

I guess only time will tell what will happen with our relationship.

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