Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Alex came into town yesterday so he could get a copy of his birth certificate. We think we gave it to him and it was lost but he says otherwise.. So he had to buy a new one. He stopped at home just for a minute to say hello. I thought he looked quite a bit better compared to what he has been looking like.

Can't quite put my finger on it. Maybe it was the purple polo shirt instead of just a tshirt or the self confidence he has gained by getting a job and seeing dollar signs again. He mentioned trying to save money and hopes to get his own place in two months.

He had his orientation yesterday and tomorrow starts his new job at McDonald's. Hope he will take it serious and this is a step in the right direction for him.

There is a part of me that wishes he did this when he lived with us but maybe it took him not living with us to do it.

I am thinking that living with someone else and doing nothing and bringing nothing to the table would make him feel more like a mooch compared to if he did it living with Mom.

Anyways, I feel like a lot has been lifted off my shoulders.. not that I was paying his way but as a Mom I feel better just knowing he will have money coming in to feed himself and take care of himself.

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