Monday, July 22, 2013

My biggest supporter

That would happen to be my husband! He has been very supportive and encouraging of me during my weight loss journey. He does a lot to make it possible for me to give myself the time I need to do it.

He cooks more than his fair share to make it possible that I can get to the YMCA at least three times a week. He has been okay with moving dinner time around so I can make whatever class or run I want to make it to. This has helped keep my workout routine fun.

He has been willing to keep Stephen home at times when it just doesn't work to take him or to save the arguement that Stephen might give since he hasn't really been enjoying going.

My husband has shown interest and come down to the Y on National Dance day when they did zumba outside.

He has been very understanding about my need to weigh my food portions and has even been known to weigh out some leftovers and have the weights of them written down so when I thaw them later to eat I know the calorie count.

He has been very willing to do fruit runs in the middle of the week when we are out of fruit.

Hmmm.. that's all I can think about for now..

I did forget to mention on this blog that I have gotten my weight low enough to weight under 200lbs!!

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