Sunday, December 30, 2012

Should I let my son move in with his father?

Is what someone googled and found my blog.

NO!! NO!! Don't do that!! NO WAY!!

If your son is going to his fathers twice a month for 48 hours the chances are that the child and father have a disney land relationship. Father doesn't push bedtimes because he only see's the child four days out of the month. Father probably has the spare income to do "fun" things because he probably only pays 20% of his income in support and doesn't feed and cloth the child all the rest of the days of the month.

Don't get me wrong. I could be off here and maybe some parents who children don't live with them are spending more than two days a week and doesn't do disneyland parenting style but chances are more do than don't.

If a child is requesting to live with the parent that doesn't take care of them the majority of the time.. chances are they think the grass is grenner on the other side and veiw "mom" as mean and wants to get away from her. Truth is that they just think it's all fun and games at the other house.

I have blogged a lot about our struggles and my son hasn't grown up very well due to the move to his Dad's place. His Dad treated him more like a room mate than father and child.

I learned the hard way. No!!!!

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