Sunday, December 23, 2012


Call me weak or a pushover but I knew it was bugging Alex that he didn't have any money for Christmas shopping. I had been feeling stressed over a to do list I have given myself.

One was to fill the third of the way done big picture frame that my younger sister gave me for Christmas. I wanted her to see it done and was feeling stressed over finding the time to do it and other things.

I gave my son three chores and one was to fill the frame up with pictures. I had only done a third of the frame and gave my son hundreds of prints to choose from. My only request was to make sure he put up a couple of Izzy.

I came home to a beautifully done picture frame. He took our picture form our first face to face meeting and put it in the center. On the left was a baby picture of me and the right of the reunion picture was one of Izzy when she looked about 3 or so.

It was pefect. The funny thing that I think is blog worthy is that I wonder how many people have a framed picture of the same picture three times in their house? In the kitchen is already a frame picture of the reunion along side one of Izzy when she was a teen. In my living room is a glass photo thing my sister made of the reunion shot.

Tonight, Stephen is with his aunt shopping for gifts. It's been a tradition for the last few years that she takes him shopping with my money and she helps him wrap them and they usually get dinner too.

I been feeling a little guilty that I never started the same or simliar tradition with Alex over the years. Truth is that with him living 3 and half years with his Dad that I wasn't helping him form relatonships as I do with Stephen. My sister has been a great aunt for both kids but more so for Stephen. She has been there for this Christmas tradition. Also, when he needs a ride to REC night she is always willing if she isn't working.

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