Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Date night

My husband and I went to dinner at a place that we haven't been to in a while. They changed locations and had a special on Tuesday night.

We made Alex babysit and cook a simple dinner. This is something that I have to work on with both my husband and Alex. My husband isn't thrilled with leaving him here and also afraid if Alex was angry he would take it out of Stephen.

However, we left after homework was done and got here before bedtime so it would be less behavior issues from Stephen.

Alex wanted to cook tacos but my husband made him do just hot dogs and chips for safety reasons and less clean up.

We had a pretty good dinner but wish we could have left the talk about Alex at home. I get enough of that. One major issue we are concerned about is Alex's not being able to grasp that as part of this family he has to help out with chores ect.

One major issue that we have to deal with asap that my husband brought up is that Alex is walking around in 30 degree weather in a light jacket. It's dangerous temps to not be covered and warmly dressed.

My husband says he knows of a place where when one is in need that you can just go pick up a coat from one that is donanted. I don't know how I feel about that. I always know people collect coats for those in need but never knew how people go about getting one. Also, Alex does have a coat not sure why he hasn't been wearing it.

I figure I could afford to pick up a used coat but not really a brand new one but I get the speech how much do we do for this kid when he isn't willing to help himself?

I have completed my Christmas shopping for Izzy and have done a tiny bit for Stephen. I was given a cute little blanket from the nursery that I volunteer from and I was wrapping it when I guess Alex asked my husband what I was doing. I guess my son implied that he couldn't go find me cause I was wrapping gifts.

Basically my husband told him don't worry cause he and himself were not getting gifts. At the moment I haven't bought Alex anything yet but I do plan too. I just think that comment was so mean even if it was made in a joking manner.

I think Alex is just having a hard time wrapping his head around the fact that he is grown and all the stuff that comes along with it.

I figure since he is 18 and has had a bad track record of his belongings disappearing that his gifts compared to past years will be less. I will spend less money and nothing fancy. I haven't totally decided yet. But I am thinking gift card for the movies, maybe a small one for a fast food place and maybe some practical things that he needs.

I do have the issue of their father not working for two weeks so as of right now he is two weeks behind in child support. I figure that the next time he pays he will pay less due to the only child he has to pay for now is Stephen.

I will be taking him to court soon. I plan on filing for redermination of child support and asking for the back support to be paid.

Question: How do you shop for your children if they are grown? Personaly my Mother gave me dishes before I even moved so the presents got less fun and more practical in those last couple years at home. It's been at least five years since either of my parents bought me a gift.

I think as the older our grown children get the less that a parent would buy them. I look at it this way.. they might have kids and Christms presents is more for kids. I try to buy for all my kids even though they are grown. It's just on a much smaller scale.

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