Saturday, December 29, 2012

Christmas recap

Christmas went pretty well at my house. We did gifts in the morning. I got gifts from both of my sons. One got my huge water bottle for working out and I love it. The other son got me fuzzy socks! I love them too.

I toned down the gifts I got Alex down quite a bit. I spent about half as much and Stephen had more gifts than Alex. I had a goal of the most I would spend and didn't get to the goal. I found a couple great deals and didn't see the need to keep on spending.

If Alex didn't appreaciate my gifts hopefully after he went to his Dad's and got a tshirt for Christmas he did a little more. His brother got a nerf gun. Dad hasn't been one to keep up the tradtion of Christmas morning with a tree full of gifts. I was a little surprised that Alex wasn't more bothered by it. However, one of the gifts I got him was a nerf gun so he was running around here with two nert guns and glasses that are for night vision. It created quite a funny image. I took a pic and will have to try to post it sometime.

We had family over for Christmas dinner and that went pretty well. My Mom was here. Now, I have seen her twice in the past month. It might be a new record. My Mom hasn't really given me gifts in years. I was shocked when she came over with a handfull of gifts. Mine was labled to family and I really thought I was going to find hard cookies that she brings every year. No offence to those that make hard cookies but I like mine soft. LOL I seen a card and my first reaction was she wrapped a card in a box. LOL Well, it was a 100 bucks for my family. Totally unexpected but nice.

This Christmas I have felt overly blessed with the amount of money and gifts that I was given. Number one. Is that Izzy shipped me a gift and it arrived on Christmas eve. I was given 100 dollars from one client's family and a twenty dollar gift card from another client's family. My work gave us all a bonus and it resulted in an 80 dollar bonus. It helped me put the finishing touches on Christmas at my house.

Today, I went out to spend my Christmas money. I took my son along because he had a gift card from his other Grandma. While I was at the game store I asked about the wii fit board and it was affordable enough for me to get one. Little did I know I had to buy a game too though. Good thing it was only a dollar.

My last stop was to go shopping for new bras. I been having a hard time feeling like I have the fit and about a month ago I was measured and found to be wearing the wrong size. At first I was sad cause Victoria Secret doesn't cover them in that size and I thought I am never going to ever really be able to get bras as in cute bras. They told me about this other store and the average price was 40 bucks and I couldn't buy them. However, when I looked online this week I noticed they had a sale buy two get two free. So, with my Christmas money I got 4 new fancy bras, wii fitness board and game.

Also, my sister bought me a heart moniter to aid me in my weight loss. It's something I been thinking about and wasn't sure if I was anal enough to actually be that petty about calories.

I can't forget that my bonus daughter gave us a gift card for a fancy place to eat. It's right on the fence if it's something we can afford to eat at or not. I been there once with a friend and it's one of those places where you might as well order dinner food because to eat lunch light your going to be spending quite a bit for that bite to eat.

I was talking to my husband how the children's father is running around with an expensive dork cord and an expensive hand held gaming system and how he didn't really put any effort on Christmas gifts for the kids. I thought about how I put off buying the bras and other things that I wanted or needed to provide Christmas presents for my kids and the few other people I buy for. It's intereting how my needs and wants to got met. The only thing I sort of need to work on getting is new pj's because mine are 2x and I probably can so size large now. The only thing that I can think of is that Karma took care of me.

I took a couple days off from dieting to eat Christmas sweets. Today was the first day back to eating right. I am aiming to get to 45 lbs lost before we go out to eat. Just a little way to motivate myself.

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