Thursday, December 13, 2012

working out.

I try to take Stephen to the gym with me at least once a week if he is done with his homework. There is this video bike that you can ride and post your ride to facebook for all to see. I try to warm up with riding anywhere from a mile to about three.

I recently set Stephen up so if he rides it his rides will post to facebook and he was resisting doing it.

Last night, I thought was a good night at the Y. I didn't find him sitting on the computers which is a sore post that I have with the Y.

My son told me on the way home how he rode the video bike and sounded like he played in the kids gym playing dodge ball with one of the classes that the Y has going on.

We get home at near bedtime and I had forgot my phone so I called my sister back and before I know it what I am hearing is a fight. It sounds like my husband was being a jerk cause it took him ten minutes to go one mile. I kept hearing how your Mom would beat you and my son was getting upset because we do not do the same track and I honestly believe he doesn't get the time as in beating but how could we beat one another if we are using different "games" on the bike.

I had to get off the phone to break off the arguement and get my son to bed. My husband was pissed because he was trying to say that his general message was my son could do better next time. My son was trying to say he couldn't do better.

I feel that if he isn't going to the gym and doesn't get that riding those bikes are not the easiest thing to do then don't comment on who could do better. I think last night I did about two and half miles in 9 minutes and I did break my last record of about 9 and half minutes. My husband actually asked me your not riding it really fast are you? As in riding the bike is a peice of cake! It's not a huge calorie burn but it does start you sweating like a pig.

I exploded after Stephen went to bed. I basically went off cause all he does is bitch and nag. It doesn't end when I go to work. I still get the bitchy messages. I aplogized for not having perfect children. I aplogzied that he doesn't have a life outside of this house.

He was basically trying to say that since Stephen tends to try to hide homework that he doesn't trust him with telling the truth about working out.

I go to the Y and I spend at least an hour working out and often times it's an hour and half. Then I shower and get dressed that takes me another half hour. I don't expect Stephen to work out hard core. Almost anything is better than him sitting in front of the tv at home. In the time hopefully gets some exersice in but also just interacts with other kids and adults at the Y is what I like him to do.

He is 5'3 and weights 148 lbs. He used to be at 150 and has dropped the two pounds and we haven't seen a gain in at least nine months.

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