Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas eve!!

It's been a busy day! Luckily I didn't have to do any last minute Christmas shopping so that's a relief. I didn't even have to do much wrapping.

I did make one pie, fudge, choclate chip cookies and peanut butter cookies. I am beat.

A gift Izzy sent me reached me today. My sister was here when I opened the box to find the gift wrap bag was tore. My sister wrapped the box for me so the surpise wasn't ruined for me.

I made baskets full of goodies for my two sons. I made a tiny basket for my son's girlfriend. It just had a cheapy bottle of lotion, body soap, an apple and a few candies.

I made baskets for my sister and my step daughter. My friend taught me how to made the baskets and I find it so fun to put them together. I will post pictures of them at another date.

I was pretty excited this Christmas that I didn't take any loans or use credit cards. (not that I have them) I can't say I didn't spend about my means cause it's not everyday that in one months time you spend X amount of dollars on a handful of people.

I even took more effort for little gifts for the stockings! Question: if your kids don't believe in Santa anymore.. do you still fill stockings for the tradition? My 12 year old is on the fense. I think my husband told him not to say Santa doesn't exsist. LOL

Another Question: How much does gift giving play out in your Christmas celebrations? For years I tried to buy for everyone and then went for a couple years only buying for my boys. With in the last few years I have started to buy for other people again. I can't tell you if reunion has made this change or it's just naturally started happening again that I make the effort to buy for others. I admit that if I know others are buying me gifts or even more so buy for my children then I am more likely to try to give a gift back. I also have a thing with being more likely to buy for other women if we have good relaitonships but if we don't then it's not something I stress about.

So I have bought for my two sons. My daughter and my bonus daughter. I got my husband a board game. We don't buy gifts for each other. I bought for my sister. I gave money to Stephen to buy for his three grandparents and uncle who will be at my house tomorrow.

I think a lot of it is that my little sister has taken it upon herself to buy gifts for everyone and that in turn makes me want to try to give gifts back.
Merry Christmas to everyone!!

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