Tuesday, December 14, 2010

That is so mature of you.

I recently left a comment on this blog. I tend to read her here and there. It's not one of my favorite blogs but sometimes I do like to read what she has to say. Sometimes, I agree and sometimes, I don't agree.
One thing that I really try to do with blogging is see adoption from all sides and keep an open mind. There are somethings that I won't budge at and that's my final answer. There has been somethings that I have came to a better understanding of because of blogging. One thing, I try to never do is choose not to publish a comment because I don't agree. If someone can and chooses to be respectful then I publish. Rarely, do I reject comments.
I liked the story of the most recent post but to imply that adoptive couples should have dogs to make sure their children get unconditional love is just plain being overly unwilling to see any adoption in a positive loving way. I said something to the point that I have believe that adoptive parents love their children just as much as if they have given birth. I don't think they love them more or less. It's not what I have to believe but what I strongly believe in.
While, I agree having a dog in the household is a wonderful thing and to adopt one from the shelter is awesome, but to suggest that the only way the child will feel loved is just horrible.

Off the subject, I wrote an email to my friends and family asking them to donate to MELD because of the 12 children. I said if I raised 20.00 from them that I would match it. My Mom donated the 20 and now I have raised 145.00. Awesome!!!


April said...

I had to laugh at the title of this post. I don't think I would pass a dog adoption test as I have little affection for them. ;)

Campbell said...

Good for you to call on this. I too have submitted a comment there that I believe was courteous and thoughtful although *horrors!*, not in agreement.

In fact, it was where I learned to save a comment that I'd put effort into prior to submitting. I was so pissed off once after reading what she'd written, thinking about it, then carefully constructing a respectful comment when she just deleted it. Crunched it up and tossed it in the garbage lol

I've seen you post comments that weren't sucking up to you, even on the critical side to which you took the time to respond. THAT gets my respect, not someone who only publishes comments that stroke and feed the poster's ego.

I have to admit, she has given me ideas for posts though ; )


And I believe this one


There's likely more haha

Laurie said...

Good for you!!! I think it is HUGE that you are willing to see another's point of view and to be open to adoption being a postive thing, even with your own pain from it. I am so happy to read this and I too have posted many a comment I didn't agree with. What would this world be if we only hung around people that mirrored our own beliefs?! Sad...that is for sure! Keep sharing what you feel. It has a BIG impact.

Daddy Times Two said...

I follow your blog and find it interesting. I am an adoptee who has found both my birth parents. In addition, I am also an adoptive partent. Adoption is a "journey" from all perspective. I like to meet people where they are to better understand this complicated life situation. Thanks for sharing your thoughts (both good and bad).