Sunday, December 19, 2010

Hey all... sorry I haven't posted anymore pictures of the gifts. My son is with his Dad and he wants to help and I really like that he is excited about giving gifts to others. Sometimes, kids get stuck in the mode of what's for me. But my youngest is about the giving.
Last night, I worked and my client was invited to a Christmas party that was basically for Christmas carols. She brought her harp and one was on the piano. They was a couple other instruments. The people without anything to play was suppose to sing and we sung about every song you could imagine. It was a really beautiful night. It reminded me when I was a kid and I would swing and sing We wish you a merry Christmas.. lol probably really loud and off tune. haha. and it reminded me of the time that we went to the nursing home as 5th graders and did Christmas carols.
So much as changed since I was a kid. The school still does Christmas programs but God forbid if use the word "God" in a song because it's not Christmas Carols anymore it's a winter program.
Today, we are decorating the tree and I am taking my son to church for a Christmas special.
I have a few holiday things up my sleeve. I really want to do somethings that are for Christmas besides the gift buying part. After all, ten years from now they won't remember what I bought.

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