Thursday, December 2, 2010

fuzzy feelings

The Meld video gave me all kinds of warm fuzzy feelings. If you haven't watched it yet. Go do if you would like. It says things better than I can say them.
Like I said, in a few posts down that sometimes I think expectant Mom's facing pregnancies that were not planned for have to high of expectations. I think some of them scream low self esteem. They want someone better than them. Someone that appears to have the perfect life and guess what? No one has the perfect life. Not even adoptive parents do.
I like the video because it shows the support that is given when it's not been given in the home life. They give them the encouragement that you can do this. No goals are too big. I hear the girls talking about how they want the best for their child. I think young Mom's and Dad's can be what is best for their child. They can do things to better themselves even while they are raising their child. Will it always be easy? No. But look at those sweet children and tell me that it's not worth it? I personally know they are worth it. Young Mom's doesn't have to mean adoption.
I am not trying to be anti adoption. I am just speaking from my heart. Having a child young does make you grow up. You can't change that. Even if your child is placed for adoption you still grow up fast. I think quite a few birthmother's are married within a couple years of making an adoption plan for their child. I don't know all the reasons for this but I can say for myself that you just don't feel like a kid anymore. Suddenly, hanging with friends doing stupid crap isn't so appealing.

So, I guess what I am trying to say You can be your baby's Mommy. You are good enough. Sure, there will be struggles but who doesn't. Even adoptive parents struggle with their newborn babies because being a Mom is hard. But it's worth it. You can do it.

I am so proud of the Mom's that been coming into group. I am watching their children grow and watching them grow. I am all for them.


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