Wednesday, December 8, 2010

I called MELD to find out more about the Christmas party. Santa will be there and I am so going. I can' miss Santa and I am honored to celebrate Christmas with the Mom's and their babies. He did say that it would best if I didn't bring the gifts because there is 3 groups that meet so I would only be bringing for 1/3 of the kids. So, that gives me more time to dream up what I want to get them.
I am thinking a card for each Mom telling her Merry Christmas and telling her how much I adore her child. Then, of course the present for her kid. I am having a blast just thinking about it. I suppose I should get working on it. He is suppose to send me a complete list of the names to make sure that I don't forget anyone. Plus, one little girl wasn't there last week and I so can't spell her name.

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purpura said...

That's very kind of you, birthmomtalks.

by the way, I follow and read every one of your posts.It's a tad early, but I wish you a wonderful Christmas. :)