Monday, December 27, 2010

On the tenth day of Christmas Santa's helpers brought

A bug game. I chose this game for a 3 year old. I admit that this gift and the ones to come, I really didn't have a child in mind. I mean I had a name but I couldn't think of who the kid is. One of the next children maybe the one that came in only a few times. The first time, he cried no matter what I did. He was a very heavy child so it wasn't possible to carry him around, but I tried. Even when I would set him done he would follow me and cry. Finally, I got him to work on puzzles and he stopped crying. So, the next time he came in and cried only for a minute and worked on puzzles. I can't be sure who got what anymore. However, I picked this game because it's one of those early games that mom's can play with their children.

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