Monday, December 20, 2010

On the third day of Christmas Santa's helpers bought

My friend gave me a really nice diaper bag to donate and it gave me the idea to fill it fill of baby goods if I had enough money to spare from what was raised. I won't probably get a picture up of it because my camera died and I want to deliver this stuff tomorrow. So, please for this one gift settle for the description of it.

I gave the guy who runs the MELD group to pass the diaper bag on to a new Mom and it should go to one having a boy.

Inside the diaper bag is

20 diapers (came from my diapers that we bought for my dolls) don't laugh.
Matching onsie and sleeper in boy colors.
pack of two binkies.
2 new receiving blankets
one thicker blanket
baby wipes
baby soap
teething ratte
nasal Aspirator and meds dropper

So, this now will be the 13 days of Christmas because this is a gift to a new Mom for her new baby. I again want to thank all those that helped me with the donations. I also gave the new Mom a Christmas card giving her a brief history on why I put the diaper bag together for her.

It is my hope that I can do things like the diaper bag again. I don't mean by asking for donations but just here and there buying items and a couple times a year put together a bag for a new Mom.

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