Wednesday, July 7, 2010

My Good stuff

Central air... need I say more?
My unemployment has kicked in.
Our garden is producing really well. We have three kinds of tomatoes, cucumber and watermelon plants and hot peppers.
Ymca membership. Pool!!!!
My ten year old son has learned to use the locker room on his own.
We forgot to lock my lab in her kennel and she behaved herself.
Great friendships.


Margie said...

Nice to hear :) Your garden sounds wonderful - I wish I had planted some things, but our heat has been so bad that I'm not sure they would have survived.

Campbell said...

Haha the using the locker on his own comment reminds me of those moments where I went "wow, I'll never have to do that again!". Bottles, formula, diapers, escorting to know the drill ; )