Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I had my son with me from Friday, around 2 pm until Monday at 8 30 pm. I am trying to keep him longer, because I feel that he smothers me, because he doesn't see me enough.

Friday, We went to the Y. I skipped my normal routine of walking and went right into the pool with my boys. It had already been decided that we were most likely going out to dinner. Then, about 5 pm, it was confirmed that we were meeting someone at 6 30 pm. So, I go back in the pool and tell him that we only have a little while left because we are meeting someone for dinner. He asked sometime that day could we check out the video store that is going out to business and get sundaes at McDonald's.. Ugh... I get upset. Why does he always have to ask for that? isn't dinner enough? Isn't the fact that I always have ice cream in the freezer enough. I told that he always asks that and I feel like he is taking advantage of me. I think that was the wrong wording. I didn't explain enough. I think he tries to take advantage of the fact that I don't see him enough and use it to get me to do things for him. We have been trying really hard to not go to places like that. I tell my youngest son that for a dollar, we can eat ice cream once or for a dollar or two we can have several servings. So, I need to explain more to him. I guess.

I told my son up front that we expect him in bed or hanging in the basement on his own by 11 pm. We played the wii and stuff and at about 11 30 or so. I had to tell him to either go to bed or go play on his own.

Saturday, is my husband's day off and I admit that I didn't do much with him. I was suffering from cramps and didn't feel well. So, I basically just sat around on the couch. I had to decline the bike ride. About, 4 pm, my ex husband came to get our son for a birthday party. So, we took my other son to see if this little carnival was still running, but it wasn't. So, we looked at an nursery of flowers and trees and went to get some bunny food. When Alex came home. We played around on the computer, wii and took that bike ride.

Sunday, My husband had to work and we were playing the wii and I was planning on taking them to the Y so they could swim and I could walk. So, while, playing my friend calls and says that she is coming by with her husband to look at my sink. (it leaks) So, I quit playing, because my kitchen is messy and they are clean freaks. lol So, my kids play while I visit with my friend and it turns out that it's just best if I buy a new facuet and he will put it in for me for free. After, that we went to the Y and they went swimming and I did my normal routine at the Y.
Sunday night, my son cooked dinner. He always requests something and we try to give him the chance to pick the meal. But this time, we told him that yes, next time, we could have his choice but he had to cook it. So, with my supervision my son cooked our dinner.

It was really good. I want to do more things like that with him, because he needs to know how to prepare a meal.

Monday, I wake up and my son is still sleeping. I get an text from my ex husband wanting to know when Alex is going to be home. He needs him to help clean. I tried to explain to him that I wanted to keep him until the evening. I told him how Alex is always acting as if he doesn't get enough time with me and now I have time to be just with him. After we both got kind of upset but then agreed that he would stay the day and come home after we babysit for Meld.
So, we watch a movie. We play on the wii and he tries to help me groom the dog. We go get some free pizza at my husband's job and then we get the ice cream from McDonald's. We come back home and work on the dog some more.
We pick up my husband and get Stephen from camp and come home. My son throws around the "You ignore me" He wanted to go home. He didn't want to stay to babysit the kids. However, he wants to stop at the video store again. I said, I am not going by there until I am on the way to the babysitting.
So, he comes with me. He doesn't have a choice. I took both of my sons. It was a good thing, because the other volunteer didn't even show. There was five kids and that is too many for just me. Both my sons were helpful in their own way.

Then, babysitting is over and I bought him some taco bell and told Stephen we would eat at home and I dropped him off. I will go on in another post tomorrow or so on this subject.

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Campbell said...

"I told that he always asks that and I feel like he is taking advantage of me. I think that was the wrong wording."

This reminds me of something I've done and do with my son. When I've made a mistake with him I will revisit, even when time has past, and own it. I say something like, you know when I did this or said that, well I've thought about it and I was wrong and I just wanted you to know and I'm sorry. Simple. I've found that it's set a good example and taught him that it's ok to own our mistakes and apologize. We all make them, right?

Side note, I'm not sure I EVER have heard his father apologize or admit he's made a mistake...to anyone.