Monday, June 28, 2010


Tonight is week two of ten week group for the Meld girls. I really love providing the child care for the children. My children are ten and 15 years of age, so hanging around babies to toddlers is fun. I told the other volunteer that I hog the girls. I figure I might as well her know that and since I am the experienced volunteer this time around. I have more say so. Last week, there was only three kids , two were new. One, was a little girl. She was so cute. When I first started with them a while back, I was afraid that I would be sad. However, it's the other way around. I am having so much fun with all the children that I can't think about adoption or what should have been. I am giving 100% to the kids. I love it.
Even after I leave, it's a feeling of great joy. I know the Mom's don't really know me but they trust that I will do my best for the children. It makes me feel so awesome to be part of something so worth wild. Instead of crying that more should be done to help young Mom's keep their children. I am doing something.

Saturday, we went to a church rummage sale. It was the last day so they were really looking to get rid of somethings. I piled a bunch of baby clothes in the bag. I collect dolls so my husband didn't think nothing of me buying clothes. However, most of these were for Meld. I did save a couple things for my dolls and saved a bib that says I love Daddy for baby girl. (step daughter's beautiful baby) Some of the stuff on the tables were stained and I didn't get them. I think all babies should at least start off with clothes that aren't stained.

I also found two shorts that I thought would fit me. Normally, I wouldn't buy clothes unless I knew for sure, but what was one dollar and one dollar was for the whole bag. The stuff fit, but what was cool was that if I hadn't lost the 20 lbs, I know that they wouldn't have. Being overweight sucks but when it comes to getting clothes.. it really sucks. They make clothes for big people to make it look like they are wearing a tent. So, it was kind of nice to actually be able to buy something used and it fit.

Today, is three years of home ownership for my family. My present to myself was a lab. A long time ago, I had to give a lab mix away because we had to move. So, enjoy a picture of me and my girl.

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Faith said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog! I have visited your blog a few times before. From the little I read, I can tell adoption was (and still is) a painful process for you. As a potential adoptive parent, I can only imagine that pain. I hope you enjoy my blog and reading our journey to become a family. I have learned a lot from you already. I will never discount, nor forget, the grief that is always there in adoption. It will be a part of our child's story, so I am obligated to acknowledge it. Thank you for sharing your story, too!