Friday, June 4, 2010

I wanted to blog more about Meld. Like I said, that I really enjoying giving my free time to this organization. On average, I, along with another lady, watched over the same six kids for the ten weeks. I am going to first tell you what I noticed about the Mom's/ organization that was good and what I thought they needed improvement. Not that I am trying to judge them.

Good things about the Mom's

The babies all came in well dressed and clean.
When events came up like the dinner, most of the Mom's tried to keep their babies with them.
The Mom's after they got to know us became more friendly and made sure to say Thank you.
The Mom's on several times try to peek in to check up on their child.
If the Mom's heard their child crying, most of the times they would come in to get them.
Most of the Mom's were there most of the ten weeks.

Areas for improvement for the Mom's or the Organization

Only one Mom would 100% of the time provide a diaper bag
Meld only about half the time would bring the Meld diaper bag in.
Some Mom's would bring sippy cups or snacks for the children and others wouldn't. This isn't good when your dealing with toddlers.
There was a four year old in the bunch and I think they should have a cut off because the room is more geared towards toddlers.
There were only two of us and I think it would run better with three people because if one is changing a diaper if leaves the other one with five kids. Besides, I want to play more. I want to educate through play.

I really enjoyed going and I looked forward to it every week. It actually helped me get in better shape because getting down to the level of a toddler wasn't easy. haha. I am down a total of 17 pounds since I started going. I feel much better, besides the fact that I somehow hurt my back.
I ended the last session, with giving all the children bubbles to take home to play. I really got to liking them all. I had my favorite though. Ella would fall asleep in my arms. I tended to hog the girl. haha. On June 21St, another ten week session starts and I will be there. This time, I will be the experienced one and the other person will be new.

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