Saturday, June 19, 2010

My husband and I decided not to get a motel room for the night. It would have been nice, but since I have been without a paycheck until my unemployment kicks in. It's best that we decided to not try to justify spending that kind of money. Even though, I would have loved a good soak in a hot tub. We did agree to try and do it later in the summer.
Well, anyways, we were getting something for dinner and my husband once again said that in the few years, he has came to terms with the fact that his parents were not perfect and he has made some mistakes in life too. He brings up the fact that children think that their parents are perfect. And that when my Mom forced an adoption on me, she was my age. It doesn't mean it's an excuse but that she was in a rough situation and handled it the best way that she knew how.
My thoughts here is that I never remember a time where I thought my parents were perfect. Maybe it's cause I have memories of my Dad trying to dump our animals on a lonely country road only to get them once we cried. Or the fact that are home was taken from us when I was in the 4TH grade. Or how my parents used their two older children to babysit. I remember once when my parents were thinking of once again leaving us and my Mom decided to stay home. My baby brother sollowed a screw and my Mom dug it out of his throat. Can you imagine the guilt My sister and I would have felt had this been a time when we were left and our brother died?

My parents were not around when their girls were teens. Some people think that this is an okay age to do your own thing, but it's not. Teenagers need their parents still. My parents didn't notice that I was pregnant and then an adoption was forced on me. I guess my point is that I don't recall at any age thinking that my parents were perfect.

Anyone relate to this post? Did you grow up thinking that your parents were perfect... Or grow up seeing their faults? I don't think I grew up thinking that they were the worst parents, but I do see where they could have been better parents.

I have been able to think about how my Mom and Dad both lost their Mother's very early in life. I can see how they didn't have the insight from Mother's or the help through the years.

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