Monday, February 1, 2010

More on teen Mom

Thanks for sharing me your thoughts on teen Mom. I didn't mean to imply that the show is trying to make all the teens choose adoption, because most of them choose to parent. I did like the show, but I wonder how much of what we are seeing is a script and how much is real? Also are they only showing the ugly side? I say that because humans tend to want to see drama. Are you really going to sit and watch it if it's all roses?
Now, I am going having a discussion about teen mom. I am not a know it all and this is there sole purpose of the show. It's just some thoughts of mine. It's just when I read somewhere that the couple who choose adoption seemed the most stable, it hit me. What message are they trying to send? I say that, because I honestly believe choice or no choice, if they show you the true emotions you are going to see some pretty raw stuff. And if you are not seeing it then are they showing the good and bad with the parenting Mom's. I guess what I am trying to say is look at it from my side. If they did a show on infertility and they were nice and patient and you didn't see tears would you wonder if it was a fake?
I guess the teens I am worried about are the pregnant ones now. If they already have the questions on their minds about wondering if they can be a good parent and that show might or might not influence their choice. I wouldn't want some teen to make a decision on parenting on something we see on tv when we know it might be not the whole picture.
Lastly, I think the first year as a parent is rough. For a first time parent, it's a new whole life style. It takes time to get into a routine with your husband. It changes the role you have with your husband for a while. And the sleepless nights. I am willing to admit that if someone took take with both of my new born sons you could see not not so pretty moments.
I haven't really seen the show since the reunion show that ended the first season. I have read a lot of comments from it though. We don't pay for tv anymore. i know I can watch it on the internet but it loads slowly.


BB said...

I haven't watched the show. I hate reality tv for much of the reasons you are talking about (but I do love me a little bachelor or american idol now and again). The biggest thing is that if a couple (or woman) thinks she is going to choose adoption and the cameras are rolling, she is much less likely to verbalize if she thinks she wants to parent. At least I would imagine it would be more difficult to change your mind in front of the whole world. I think it adds a lot of pressure in a situation where there is already plenty to go around.

p-enguin said...

I can across your blog randomly and needed to leave you a comment.
First i would like to say how brave you are to have given a child up for adoption, forced or not. You gave your child the best life you could at the time and for that you should be commended.
Second, the topic of the 'teen mom' show. I find it entertaining yes but so sad and horrible at the same time. Girls giving up on their education to raise their kids, thinking it has to be one or the other. Being with men only because they are the baby's father, and some girls passing the responsibility of motherhood to their parents. I find it unfortunately a fairly accurate representation of a majority of teen moms, but also find it fairly glorifying. There are no real issues other than boyfriend and teen life problems, no motherhood issues.
Being a teen mom myself (16 with my first and 18 with my second) i find the girls they chose as insulting, degrading, and very much stereotyped statistics.