Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I need advice

I am a caregiver through an agency that provides in home care for the elderly. However, if asked, we will work in nursing homes and hospitals. Most of my experience has been with a couple that was 96 years of age and was still living at 98 years. I call them Bob and Sandy. They canceled out company, because they could no longer have the live-in rate, but that's not my point.
I am now hourly. I have a client that I work 2nd shift for three times a week and it's working out great. On the other hand, I have a client, who is 58 years old and living in a nursing home. Along, with paying for caregivers to take him places, he has care from 10pm to midnight. This is because they make him go to bed. So, we are there to hang out with him and get him cleaned up and assist him in the bed. We can't lift him on our own. The cna's get all huffy and was just lifting him on their own even though we are there to help. So, we complained and complained and things changed for about two weeks. They were allowing us to assist them. Now, it's back to them just tossing him in the bed.
I don't want to report them night after night. By reporting them, I mean give their names and what they did or didn't do wrong. I feel that being the "good" guy, we are going to piss off the "bad" guys. I am afraid for my car. I am afraid what they could do to me and what they will do to the client if we piss them off enough.
The only reason I am working this shift is because I agreed to third shift, but to them any shift in the time frame is something I have to take. I am thinking about just changing the hours that I can work and do without the pay for these days. My job isn't providing me with a comfortable work environment. What would you do? Would you keep going and reporting? Or change your hours and let them know why? I feel bad for the client, because he is a good guy. However, working till midnight for a two hour shift does kind of mess up my whole routine of things.


Tracey said...

1. If you're not safe you need to move on.

2. Report their abuse to SOMEONE....anyone...

Just my opinion.

K Rose said...

Do the right thing and report the abuse to someone who will listen and take action. Then explain to them your feelings and concerns about your safety. Sometimes it is best to report it to the management company or the agency that is running the program. Better yet contact your local social services and they will give you advice and probably provide an investigation.