Sunday, January 31, 2010

Teen Mom

I watched quite a few episodes of Teen Mom on MTV. I enjoyed it, but I didn't put a lot of thought into the program. When the young couple placed their daughter for adoption, I still didn't give a lot of thought to it.
Now I hear there is another season coming on and another couple who is choosing adoption. It makes me wonder about the motives of the show. I know all shows want ratings so drama will bring more ratings then if it was sweet. But it got me thinking. Who is sponsoring the show and what do they have to gain? Is it the adoption agency? Are the couples being told to act this way or that way and also only getting the juicy details on tape? Is the motive to lead more teens to choose adoption rather than raise the child themselves? If the program is leading teens to do anything, I hope it's to make the choices to prevent a pregnancy in the first place.


~Katie said...

GOOD agencies work with the birth parents, especially young ones, on their future and that includes birth control. I think your experience was so different than those that were able to chose for themselves, that it may almost be hard for you to see that some birth parents actually chose that option for there babies. You were put through hell. No one should EVER have to endure what you and your baby did. BUT, there are those out there that are able to chose. They go through HELL too - Adoption is HARD! Hang in there. I am rooting for you!

Michelle said...

the show definitely isn't trying to get teens to give their kids up - if that were the case, they'd have more than one (possibly 2 now) couple choosing adoption and everyone else parenting. i agree that they should encourage people to prevent the pregnancy to begin with - and i think the effect of the show IS doing that, because you see how hard it is to parent at that age. if i believed in having sex before marriage (which i most certainly do NOT), it would scare me to the point that i'd be using at least 2 methods, if not 3, to keep myself from ending up in that situation.

Debbie B said...

The way we watched Farrah change her throughout this season I don't think they are trying to get teens to place their children for adoption. But I can see why some would feel that way.

I think more then anything they are trying to show teens exactly how it is to be a teen mom and pray it will teach them to wait.