Wednesday, August 5, 2009

There isn't much going on in my head in the adoption land. I still think of my daughter, but things have been looking up. I am taking a break from counseling. I met the whole family of the Pastor and I feel like I am taking away from them. So, this evening,my family we are going to have a cookout at a park.
My work has been kind of crazy. My clients of two years still are not sure if they are going to move or just deal with my company's prices long term. I just wish he would make up his mind. I am loving my new hours. I am still working a really long day, but I come home every night. It's been different, but I love it. I am am working 40 hours in three days and making a little less, but it's worth it.
The wife of the couple I take care of has been in the hospital since Sunday. She just came home today. We stayed with her in the hospital which was very stressful.

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