Friday, August 14, 2009


I was in the neighborhood of the liabary that gets the year books from Izzy's school. So, I decided to stop to see if they have the newest yearbook. I wasn't really expecting it to be in yet, because last time they didn't have it until about Oct.
I was shocked to see that they did have the new book. So I was able to see a new picture of Izzy. Well if you call almost a year old new, but ya'll know what I mean. It was her 11th grade picture. She is so cute!!! I just love to stare at her blue eyes. I never really noticed the color before for some reason. Her appearance changes from year to year. I suppose my son's appearances change from year to year, but I see them so I don't notice the changes. I just got to say that with each picture she grows cuter. I was able to photocopy the picture, but like always it just doesn't come out very good.
Which makes me ask the question.Why is it really such a big deal for Izzy's parents to send a picture my way? I am 100% sure that if I spoted Izzy I would know it's her.Will I go and watch for her at school or home or work? Nope!!! I wouldn't cross that line.Would I like to? Yep, but I know what's right and wrong. If I seen Izzy say at Walmart would I have a hard time turning my head?I admit yes? However, if I see her am I going to take her back? No way!! Is it possible to steal a almost grown kid anyways? Well I suppose if all I wanted was the pleasure of seeing her once and then going to jail maybe. I am no longer angry at them for their actions of ignoring me, but still sad that I couldn't be trusted.
Overall, I am just happy that I can see what she looks like. I wish I could own the yearbooks so I can look at Izzy in color and see her beautiful eyes anytime I wanted to.


RB said...

I am a book lover and this is totally wrong, but have you ever thought of just cutting her picture out of the yearbook so you could have it? Do you think anyone would notice?

Tracey said...

I am so sorry the adoptive parents are ignoring you...I wish our son's birthmother wanted to be more involved...we send our pictures and letters 4 times a year and call, but when we do it either goes to her voice mail or she doesn't call us back. God Bless.

AmericanFamily said...

If you find out who the publisher of the yearbook is, you might be able to order a copy online. You could also call the school office and ask if they had any extras that are available for purchase. You could always say it is because your son has friends at that HS.